How to reset network settings on Mac?

We all know that Macs are one of the most reliable personal computing devices. With features like Private Relay in macOS Monterey and increased reliability on VPNs, you may mess up the network settings on your Mac. And as a result, your Mac might not connect to the internet, or you may face slow internet speeds. But don’t worry! This blog post will help with resetting network settings on your Mac so that it connects to the internet again without any problems (and at optimal speed).

how to reset network settings on mac

How to reset network settings on Mac?

Step 1: First, restart your computer. As soon as you see the Apple sign appears next to the spinning circle, press and hold the Command+R key combination until you are presented with a new screen. Now select Terminal from this menu (or open it manually if it is already opened). Note that this combination of keys triggers the reset command on your Mac.

Step 2: Once you have Terminal up, type in “networksetup -setvpnstate disconnected” without quotes and press Enter. This will disconnect all possible VPN connections that are currently active on your system (including Personal HotSpot). It is important to note that if you have a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you must connect to the internet using another method before proceeding any further.

Step 3: In order to reset your network settings, type in “networksetup -Resetti” without quotes and press Enter again. This will restart all of the networking services on your Mac so that they can properly obtain new configuration settings.

Step 4: Finally, you must now enter your Wi-Fi password again to reconnect to the internet (if you are using a wireless connection). You can do this by typing in “airport -I” and pressing Enter again. Note that if it does not work for some reason, restarting your device will reset all of the network settings automatically, so you do not have to go through this entire process again.

Step 5: Once your Mac is connected to the internet using a wireless connection (or Ethernet cable), open System Preferences and select Network. From there, click on Wi-Fi if you are connecting wirelessly or Built-In Ethernet if it’s wired. Now simply choose the network that you would like to join and click on “Apply” or “OK”.

And that’s it! Your Mac should now be connected to the internet. If not, go through this process once more as there may still be some issues with your networking settings. So if problems persist even after resetting the network settings, feel free to contact our highly knowledgeable and experienced support team.

If you have any questions or feedback about this process, feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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